#LasizweDurbanGen: Lasizwe Makes Acting Debut to Mixed Reactions

As early as February this year, it was reported that local comedian would be a part of the cast of Durban Gen. The news had provoked great excitement at the time.

Before the unveiling, though, the Drink or Tell the Truth host had informed his fans that he’d be going into acting this year. So, it wasn’t a surprise among his fans when he did.

In a post to Instagram, he had shared a teaser of one of the scenes he appeared in, in Durban Gen, noting it was his biggest acting debut and encouraging his fans to check out the flick.

the acting thing isn’t easy, according to Lasizwe, speaking to the press much later. Still, he gave it his best shot.

The reactions to his acting have been mixed, however. Some tweeters thought he aced his role – that of a man acting feminine. And yet others thought his acting was terrible.

On the whole, however, it’s obvious most were in support of ’s acting, and they hailed him for it. You can check out some of what his fans are saying below.

His acting debut will most likely determine how his acting career takes off. If you asked Lasizwe, he’d say it’s his year.

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