Lasizwe’s ‘Dress Up as a Meme’ Party Clip Thrills Fans

Fans of Lasizwe Dambusa were thrilled to watch a clip of his “Dress Up as a Meme” party in celebration of his 25th birthday.

Lasizwe Dambusa is in the news again for making his fans happy. The 25-year-old recently celebrated his birthday in the midst of his close friends and family. You should know he had a fun party like none we have ever seen.

It was themed “Dress Up As A Meme,” and his guest had to dress up like their favourite memes to attend. It was so fun that he shared a clip for his fans to witness what they worse. He also urged them to pick who they thought did the best job.

Everyone seemed to love his brother, Lungile Mcunu the most. He dressed up as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s iconic meme wearing a turtle neck and a bold necklace. In their opinion, he did a better job than everyone else. See for yourself below.


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