Late Isibaya Actor Andile Gumbi’s Four-Year-Old Son Shoots Himself Accidentally

Andile Gumbi’s son is recovering in the hospital after accidentally shooting himself.

It was reported that Andile Gumbi’s son is recovering in a hospital after he allegedly shot himself in the lower body on Sunday when he was handling a firearm.

Andile Gumbi, the Isibaya actor, died in October as a result of a heart attack. This happened while he was working on a musical in Israel.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Phindile Gumbi, Andile’s mother explained that on a Friday before the incident, Andile’s four-year-old son had been taken from her care to be in the custody of Andile’s wife, Hlengiwe Ngcongo.

She further explained that she received a panic-stricken phone call from Hlengiwe in the wee hours of the morning. Hlengiwe asserted that the boy was holding the boyfriend’s bag when he let go of it and the gun inside “went off.”

A case of negligent handling of a firearm has been opened by the Gauteng police.

Capt Mavela Masondo, the police spokesperson, said:

Cases of failure to safeguard a firearm and negligent handling of a firearm have been opened against the owner of the firearm after the four-year-old boy allegedly shot himself in the lower body.

According to Capt Masondo, the boy was with his mother and a thirty-five-year-old man and the man left his firearm in a bag on the TV cabinet. He had gone outside to his vehicle when the incident occurred.

Masondo said,

He heard a gunshot going off inside the house. It is then that they realised that the boy allegedly shot himself in the lower body when he was handling the firearm that he took out of the bag.

The boy is said to be recovering in a hospital.

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