Late Kwaito Star Zombo’s Ex Lebogang Motsumi Says He Knowingly Infected Her With HIV

Late Kwaito star Zombo’s ex-lover accuses him of knowingly infecting her with HIV.

Motivational speaker Lebogang Motsumi had opened up about her sad ordeal. She recently took to the X app to claim that the late singer purposely infected her with HIV. She shared how they met,

“He approached me and asked for my numbers, and I gave them to him. We hugged, and he left the club,”

“Growing up, I have always wanted to be famous, and I saw this as my ticket to fame. All I could think about were headlines in different newspapers, magazines … ‘Lebo Motsumi pregnant with Zombo’s child.’

She continued,

“We spoke on the phone for a couple of days and planned to meet. He came to my house cause I was living alone at the time. We had unprotected sex, and I really didn’t mind cause I had a plan. Little did I know, he also had his own plan, which was to infect me with HIV on purpose. This relationship was not one built on love. I wanted fame, and he wanted to infect me.”

She revealed he told her to watch him on SABC1’s LiveAmp which was where she discovered he had the virus and had infected her on purpose.

“How do I know he infected me? At 16, I was pregnant, and after giving birth to a premature baby (after trying to abort), I tested negative for HIV, and Zombo was the next person I slept with after the burial of my son.”

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