Lavida Nota Scoffs At Boity’s Platinum Plaque

Boity’s recent platinum certification was a subject of for the songstress as well as her fans. But there is one man who is totally unimpressed by it all and who is insinuating the certification is not to be trusted.

That man is Lavida Nota – also called Baloyi. In a recent tweet, the songster, who prides himself as a music authority, stated that he doesn’t trust the platinum plaque the “Wuz Dat” rapper got. He accused of being the biggest plaque cappers.

He, however, added that the plaque got from was eligible to be certified gold by the Recording Industry South Africa (RiSA).

Lavida has been way too outspoken on many subjects and has riled many industry members along the line. Among those he had provoked with his statements include the “ Man With Some Power” and the Family Tree CEO Cassper Nyovest.

In fact, such was the tension between him and Cass that the “Any Minute Now (AMN)” muso had called a fraudster.

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