Lawyer Of AKA & Tibz’s Murder Suspects Disputes Their Involvement

The lawyer representing the five suspects involved in AKA and Tibz’s murder trial disputes their involvement in a recent comment to the media.

Social media is abuzz with news of the AKA and Tibz murder trial. While Mzansi calls for justice to be served, the five suspects (out of seven) appeared at the Magistrate’s Court in Durban on Wednesday, 6 March for a second time. The matter was postponed to 14 March for bail application and also to give the state enough time to file complete extradition documents.

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika, the suspects’ lawyer, disputed their involvement in the murder. She said,

“The guys work hard, I know how it works right, you are earning enough from your taxi, you’ve got four or five taxis, you’re not going shooting people for 10K,” the lawyer for the accused said. “If there is a skirmish between myself and you and we both own taxis then what I’m going to do I’m going to shoot you for free if you’re going to intrude on my routes, nobody needs to pay me to shoot you. So that’s between you and me now.”

“So I dont know how the taxi owners are related to this case unless the deceased or the deceased family are taxi owners.”

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