LDN Gogo: South Africans Go Into Mocking Meme Overdrive As Queen Elizabeth II Dies

The queen is dead! Long live the king! Ordinarily, for many, the goal is to be mourned deeply at death, but of course, it doesn’t always end that way.

And that’s the case with the British queen, Elizabeth II, in South Africa. Following the news of her passing, many South African have erupted in jubilation, calling her LDN Gogo and mocking her with memes.

But why would they do that? A look into South African history gives clues. First of all, the queen possesses a diamond stolen from South Africa over a millennia ago – the largest clear-cut diamond in the world, known as “The Great Star of Africa.”

The 530 carats diamond was mined and stolen from South Africa and reportedly has a value of $400 million.

But that’s not all. Many black South Africans recall the days of apartheid and how she had supported the apartheid government even as the racists massacred the blacks every other day. As far as some South Africans are concerned, she’s not deserving of mourning. Don’t rest in peace, declaimed some Saffas mockingly. You can check out some of the reactions to her death from South Africans so far.

Interestingly, Camilla Parker Bowles was equally a subject of ridicule, as many said she can never be a Diana.

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