Lebo M Battling Trust Issues With Fourth Wife Pretty Samuels Over Access To Insurance Policies

Trust is what oils most relationships, and where that is lost, people struggle to be themselves and to accept that the people they call their partners are not scheming to take advantage of them one way or the other.

That is the situation South African composer Lebo M has found himself in lately. And he is opting for divorce to safeguard his life and his assets. But what is the genesis of the whole drama?

By the celebrated composer’s account, he travelled to Europe months ago and his fourth wife, Pretty Samuels, had access to his digital signature, having been empowered as a proxy to sign documents on his behalf.

Back from his trip to Europe, he had asked her to sign an affidavit indicating that she had deleted the digital signature from her PC and she refused. He also wanted her to sign another affidavit indicating that she had not used the signature to create anything that would benefit her in the event of his death. Again, she declined to sign.

Her refusal to sign alarmed him and he began to fear for his life – his words. This informed his decision to file for divorce and continue with his life, with Pretty cut out of the picture.

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