Lebo M Celebrates Victory In CCMA Case Against Ex-wife Pretty Samuels’ Friend

Famous composer and musician Lebo M celebrates victory in the just concluded CCMA Case against his ex-wife Pretty Samuels’ friend over unfair dismissal.

The composer of The Lion King, Lebo M, has reported been cleared by the CCMA for unfair dismissal. According to reports, Dlamini, a friend of his ex-wife Pretty Samuels, claimed she was fired because of her friendship with Lebo M’s estranged wife.

The former employee dragged him to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA) after she lost the case at the Pretoria final hearing on 31 October. Reports also revealed that Sbo was hired by the Lebo M Production finance department in February 2023.

Zimoja reports that she also lived in the Morake household before moving to her apartment and was using the company’s cellphone, laptop, and printer on top of being paid R25K monthly. Presiding Commissioner James Ngoako Matshekga ruled the case be closed against Sbo Dlamini. He cleared Lebo M of Dlamini’s accusation, saying,

“No deductions such as UIF and tax were made from her payment. She also received several payments as reimbursements for the expenses that she incurred on behalf of the 1st respondent (Samuels) whilst Lebohang was away. She worked day and night for the 1st respondent. She was never told that she was a consultant”.

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