Lebo M: Coming Home: Season 2 On Hold Over Disagreement Between Lebo M and Carol Bouwer

Those who are looking forward to a second season of “Lebo M: Coming Home” may have to wait a bit as the show has reportedly been put on hold over a disagreement between Lebo M and Carol Bouwer.

Carol runs a production company called Carol Bouwer Productions, which handles the show. But recent data suggests things might not be going well with the show after all, leading her to make a decision regarding it – and it is not exactly a positive one.

The disagreement between Lebo M and Carol Bouwer reportedly stems from people having lost interest in the reality show, as well as mismanagement of funds.

The second season of the show was expected to air at the end of June, but the ensuing disagreement between both parties has thrown a pall of uncertainty around the production.

A report by Zimoja claimed that Bouwer gave Lebo M R3 million from the R11 million that Primedia gave her in pre-production fees. Trouble reportedly started when Lebo M failed to produce the receipts.

Bouwer is looking to sue Lebo M, who appears unbothered at the prospect of a lawsuit. It appears this drama is only just beginning. Stay tuned if you please.

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