Lebo M Demands Justice For Son, Dead 18 Years Ago

Film producer celebrated his 57th birthday recently. It was a reflective moment for the man, as he reminisced on the past and the loss of his son, Thembalethu Morake, who would have celebrated his 18th birthday the same day.

According to Lebo M, his son, then 1 year old, had died in their family home in Dainfern, Johannesburg. He claimed his son had been left in the care of a nanny whom they barely knew while his then wife, Nandi Ndlovu-Goodjohn, left to attend a funeral with a friend.

believes his son was actually murdered but the whole thing was orchestrated to make it appear like he drowned while he was not being attended to. He described the nanny as negligent. On his son’s death, he said he had been quiet all along only because he has children to protect.

Now, though, he has made it clear that he is not letting go. And if the case should go to trial, according to him, he would make sure everyone linked in one way or the other to his son’s death comes to trial.

By the way, in 208, the nanny was found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to a year in prison or R3,000. She managed to pay the fine.

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