Lebo M Details His Illustrious Career With The Ladies, Nights Of Orgies & More (Video)

South African composer and Grammy winner Lebo M has given little-known details about his personal life during an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG.

He readily admitted that his biggest weaknesses as a person are alcohol and women, and he’d done quite a bit of sh!t in that regard. But no, he has never touched cocaine or drug. He said he would have been long dead if he had delved into drugs.

He had his fair share of alcohol, threesomes, orgies – his confession on the set. “Would you ever, like, sleep with three ladies in one night?” the host had asked during the interview. A smile, and Lebo M spilt the tea, admitting, “There, done that. What do you mean three ladies? I produce orgies.”

Maybe this shouldn’t be surprising to some of his fans because even in his open relationships with women, Lebo M has been remarkably illustrious. The 58-year-old, born Lebohang Morake in Soweto, South Africa, has been married for the seventh time.

His last failed relationship was with Angela Ngani-Casara. After the failed relationship, in February this year, he had secretly married the businesswoman Pretty Samuels. The two are currently together. And fans are hoping it would be Lebo M’s last marriage.

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