Lebo M Gets Married For The Seventh Time (Pictures)

In matters relationship, for Lebo M, it is never say never. The Grammy-winning act recently got married but decided to keep his wedding a secret.

As early as February this year, the Lion King ace had gotten married to Pretty Samuels but decided to keep their marriage away from the public eye. So no one knew they actually tied the knot until recently.

His relationship with Samuels dates back to when she joined his foundation. In less than a year of her joining the Lebo M Foundation as president, the two of them had gotten married. It would be the musician and actor’s seventh marriage following his breakup with Angela Ngani-Casara.

With the picture of the new couple currently circulating, it’s so obvious that Lebo M and Pretty Samuels are so much in love.

Lebo M Gets Married For The Seventh Time (Pictures) 2Lebo M Gets Married For The Seventh Time (Pictures) 3

While Lebo M and Pretty have exchanged vows before a magistrate, multiple reports indicate they’re not done yet. The two are said to be planning a grand wedding in the summer.

The details are not out yet. But knowing Lebo, he would most likely not spare any expense to celebrate a special moment with someone he loves so much. Y’all gotta stay tuned for what’s coming.

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