Lebo M Mocks Estranged Wife’s Divorce Demands

While South African composer Lebo M’s ex-wife Pretty Samuels schemes on how to extract some funds from him as part of a potential divorce settlement, Lebo  is pretty defiant and determined she wouldn’t receive a cent.

The couple had a wonderful relationship until things went South between them. According to reports, he’d entrusted her with his signature for her to sign some documents for him while he was away in Italy.

Of course, as his wife,m that was an easy decision to make. On his return back to South Africa, however, he was shocked when she refused to do his bidding. He wanted her to delete his signature from her systems and sign an affidavit that she’d done the same.

She declined, which alarmed him and made him fear for his life. Their relationship went downhill from there. A family meeting was reportedly held and they ironed things out, with Pretty Samuel mandated to issue an apology, among others.

The apology never came. Instead, she allegedly ran away with his Mercedes Benz. Right now, their relationship is over, but Pretty Samuel is making some demands, and Lebo M is contemptuous of them all, insisting she wouldn’t get a cent.

Well, who blinks first?

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