Lebo M’s Estranged Wife Pretty Samuels Makes Hefty Demands – Details

The drama isn’t over yet between Lebo M and his estranged wife. If anything, it has dragged on from last year, when they had a storm of sorts over the alleged refusal to delete his signature from her devices.

Right now, following their breakup, his estranged wife Pretty samuels is re;ortedly demanding R150k in spousal maintenance and other funds.

Reportedly, the sum she is demanding from him will cover, among others, R23k for a car instalment, R35k for rent and almost R7k for her groceries.

She wasn’t done there, though, as she also demanded the divison of the composers R5.5 million Pearls of Umhlanga property.

On claims that Lebo M divorced her, she dismissed the claims, insisting that they were still married. The couple was married for just 18 months before their relationship collapsed.

The genesi of the failed union was reported;y Lebo M fearing for his lie. According to reports, he’d given her access to his signature to sign some documents for him when he travelled to Europe.

On his return he wanted her to delete his signature from her devices and sign and affidavit attesting to having done the same. Her refusal to do so scared him and led to the events that have brought them to this point.

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