Leeroy Sidambe Among Others Dubbed Swindlers Of The Year 2023

Mihlali Ndamase’s ex-lover Leeroy Sidambe has just found himself on an infamous list – one of the swindlers of the year 2023 in South Africa.

The tag follows his failed relationship with the Youtuber. The relationship used to be the talk of the town, with both showing each other lover. Along the line, though, things had gone cold between them.

However, they were not initially public about their having broken up – well, not until late December when Mihlali posted on her Instagram Story, describing Leeroy as “that one,” without really naming him.

She had also claimed that she used her card to pay for their vacation in Mexico because his card was declined during their trip. She also pointed out that he had yet to pay up the debt he owed her.

So, as far as some South Africans were concerned, their failed relationship was the result of Leeroy swindling her. His intentions, they believed, were not altogether pure, so their public relationship went south months after it started.

Interestingly, Leeroy was married at the time he got into a relationship with the controversial vlogger. Well, she has since moved on with her life and is said to be currently dating a Zimbabwean politician.

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