Leeroy Sidambe Confesses His Love for Mihlali Ndamase in New Video

Leeroy Sidambe has confessed his undying love for YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase and said, “Mihlali makes me crazy.”

The Leeroy and Mihlali story has become a heartwarming one in the country. Of course, their love has been embroiled in drama after Leeroy’s ex-wife asked for over 100 thousand in monthly spousal support because she knows he can afford it.

She also revealed that Sidambe pays for Mihlali Ndamase’s R2 million house in the suburbs. Leeroy and Mihlali have chosen to rise above all of the drama and focus on loving each other. They have certainly been doing that in a manner that their fans cannot deny.

We were once treated to a video of the famous YouTuber receiving a bouquet from her man. It was one of the most genuine acts of love, and we couldn’t help gushing about it and wishing we had a lover like that. They are back in the news again.

Of course, everyone knows Leeroy is head over heels in love with Mihlali, but he decided to talk about it for the first time. The businessman gushed about his woman, who he referred to as his wife, and said, “Mihlali makes me crazy.” Mzansi also noted how sweet the couple looked together. Check the video out here.

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