Leeroy Sidambe Releases Statement On His Relationship With Mihlali Ndamase

His relationship with beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase has been a subject of public interest for a long time, with many condemning him for disrespecting his wife MaryJane Sidambe and frolicking with a “strange woman,”

Now Leeroy Sidambe has addressed his relationship with the controversial socialite as well as his relationship with his wife and children.

According to him, he’s a father who’s consistently shielded his two children from the nonsense around him and the reason he decided to have a quiet separation from his wife, Mary Jane Sidambe.

He noted that he had separated from Mary as early as March this year after trying and failing to make things work with his wife. He stated that his understanding of the law is that following his separation from Mary Jane, he is supposed to live his life as he pleases and that his wife is at liberty to do the same.

Around the same period, he claimed to have met Mihlali Ndamase and fallen in love with her. He described as “heartbreaking” the way Mihlali’s name is being dragged and abused in public. You can check out the statement he released below.

His estranged wife Mary Jane hasn’t said anything about the statement, though

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