Leeroy Sidambe Seemingly Begs For Another Chance While Mihlali Moves On

While Mihlali Ndamase has moved on with her life and announced to the world that she is no longer with Leeroy Sidambe, it appears like the man himself is still keen on repaining thins and cotinung with his relationship with her.

This much must have been evident to many South Africans from his recent Instagram stories.

Mihlali and Leeroy had a wonderful time while theur relationship lasted. it is unclear what led to their breakup. Hopwever, SOuth Adfricans have seen Mihlali’s post in which she announced that he relationship with him was over.

In fact, based on her post, the two of them broke up as far back as October this month. Mihlali herself had taken a swipe at him, calling him “that one” in her Instagram story while also announcing the end of their relationship.

She also claimed that his card was declined while they were on vacation to Mexico and she had to use her card to pay their bills. But he has not paid her back since.

While Leeroy seemingly want Mihlali back, she has moved on and even started dating another man. The controversial blogger Musa Khawula reports that she is currently dating a Zimbabwean named Scott Kupta.

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