Leeroy Sidambe’s Viral Bedroom Video With Mihlali Ndamase – Watch

It’s a new season of drama for controversial vlogger Mihlali Ndamase and her estranged boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe, as their bedroom video has just popped online courtesy of Musa Khawula.

The controversial blogger had taken to X where he shared a record from Leeroy’s Instagram Live. In the live, Leerpy could be seen speaking with his followers while Mihlali lies somewhere next to him on the bed.

The Live was recorded while the two of them were obviously still together. Now that they have separated and are seemingly fighting each other, the clip has gained new resonance.

For some South Africans, it was another avenue to mock Mihlali whom they had never fancied anyway because, in their estimation, she had ruined another woman’s marriage.

Yeah. Leeraoy was married when he started dating Mihlali and she was said to be aware of it but didn’t mind anyway. So many South Africans felt that she was a husband snatcher of sorts who had ruined another woman’s marriage.

The criticisms didn’t have any effect on her, as she continued in her relationship with Leeroy – well, until things went south between them and she started denouncing him publicly as a debtor who owed her from a trip to Mexico

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