“Leftovers” – Tall Azz Mo Under Fire Over Comment On His Exes

The comedian Tall Azz Mo is under fire for seemingly calling his ex-lovers “leftovers” in a move that has left many social media users enraged and braying for blood for “disrespecting women.”

In a recent tweet, the comedian, who has been embroiled in controversies of recent, angered many when he noted that Niggas are out there eating his “leftovers.” Those who saw the tweet seemingly deduced he was referencing the women he once dated.

Many were not pleased with the tweet, which has been seen over 834k times and liked over 900 times, with 510 quotes and 110 retweets at the time of writing.

One Twitter user noted that the comedian is a married man and what he just said is an embarrassment to his wife and kids, who he should focus on and not prattling about “leftovers.” Another described him as a loser of a father.

The comedian himself apparently had no words for those lashing out at him. He appeared to have tweeted his mind and then vanished. You can check out the tweet below, as well as some of the reactions to it, below.

It remains to be seen whether the comedian will apologise following the severe flak from the public.

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