Lekau Sehoana Needs Help On Naming A Soon To Be Unveiled Drip Footwear

Drip Footwear boss Lekau Sehoana has got new kicks in progress, and he’s looking to his fans to help him with the naming. 

Yup, the businessman has no clue what he should name what he’s working on, so he’s putting the ball in the court of those who would wear it anyway. 

In a tweet, he shared a picture of the new design, opening the floor for fans to suggest what it should be named. The suggestions ranged from Drip Lady to Drip Cozee, Airwalks, Eazee and EasyOnz. 

In another post, this time on Instagram, he appeared to have made up his mind on what the new design should be named — Drip Mellow. 

He also dropped some brand nuggets in the caption, noting how the market used to be controlled by wealthy brands, and they bullied everyone because of their monopoly. 

There’s been a radical shift since then, and anyone who has the best product owns the market. You can check out the post below. 

Lekau Sehoana is a man many look up to at this point in his life. However, it hasn’t always been this good. At some point in his life, he was a drunk who couldn’t help himself. 

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