Lerato Chabangu Cries Out For Help

Former football star Lerato Chabangu has cried out for help, saying that he has lost everything.

Football star Lerato Chabangu was once on top of the world, but now fans have noted that he looks nothing like he used to be. In a recent interview, Chabangu revealed that he lost everything except his trophies. “I don’t have income, but I hustle. My mom doesn’t have a home. My brother is nowhere to be found.”

I did one day [thought about] killing myself, but I was like, ‘That is not the [right] thing’. The policies will not pay if I kill myself, so how are they going to bury me if I kill myself? When you have problems, you must share them with someone in the family.” He continued, “I need help, I have lost everything. I’m now a laughing stock.”

“There are a lot of things that I lost. I bought my mom a house and now it is lost. I lost everything, I don’t even have soccer boots or clothes (kits) that will remind me of my playing days. I only have trophies. People can judge me, I don’t have any income but I still hustle.”

He spoke about his past, “I was in the structure of the players who were supposed to play in the 2010 World Cup but I did not make it. So I was supposed to go watch the games at the stadiums but I said to myself ‘It would make me cry so it is better to watch it on TV and drink’. When I was with the guys, they kept saying ‘You are supposed to be there but you are here’, because I was injured and I took it out on booze,”

He also spoke about the passing of his grandmother, “When magogo (grandmother) and timer (father) passed away, that’s when I became miserable but I have accepted and not accepted at the same time because of the things that are happening, I cannot get it because I cannot raise my kids. All of my houses are gone, I don’t have income and that is what makes me miserable.”

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