Lerato Kganyago Details Pains Of Her Fourth Miscarriage This Year

Again, actress found herself walking the path of pain. The television star and model has had her fourth miscarriage. A miscarriage is not a joke, so you can imagine having that for the fourth time.

The celebrated actress recently had a chat with her fans during which she shred little known aspects of her life with them. She indicated that se she had a miscarriage this year, and it was the fourth.

She said she was three to four months pregnant when she miscarried. Although it was one subject she didn’t want to discuss, she spoke it it anyway because, according to her, she was having an honest night with her fans.

She also revealed she was looking forward to the pregnancy and also thought that she would bear a child this time. She had been trying very hard to have a baby. Fans who knew of her struggles wished her better luck next time. Hopefully her next pregnancy results in a baby

What do you think of Lera Kganyago experiencing a miscarriage for the fourth time? Got some kind words to share with her? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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