Lerato Kganyago Gets Her Own Hotel, Spa & Restaurant As Valentine Gift

Mzansi actress, model and businesswoman, Lerato Kganyago was gifted a hotel by her billionaire husband, Thami Ndlala as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Trust Valentine’s Day to be the day everyone tries to top what they did in the previous year. Couples set out to give their partners the best gifts, and even show them a really good time so they do not forget about it in a really long while. This year was no different.

Lerato Kganyago and her husband, Thami Ndlala seem to have taken the crown of the year’s biggest gift, and social media cannot shut up about it. In several posts shared to her page, the popular actress revealed that she got a hotel resort as a Valentine’s Day gift. Crazy right?

Well everyone has been gasping for air since the news hit the net. Lerato revealed that her husband gifted her the 12 on Hillel Villa and Spa on Valentine’s Day. In another post, she stated that the hotel was renovated to suit her taste. She also revealed that she was kept from the renovations process.

She has announced that she is naming the restaurant “AMOUR” meaning Lerato, Thando, Love. She had previously posted what the hotel looked like a while back. However, at her husband, Thami’s request to stop stressing, she let him do it all by himself. Lerato says she cannot wait to show fans the final product of the renovations. Social media has been flooded with reactions to this. Check some of them out below.

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