Lerato Kganyago On The Tragedy Of Another Miscarriage Around Valentine’s Day

A miscarriage is something most women would rather not experience and for good reason. it robs them of the joy of having their kids in their arms.

For many of them, it is hard to process. Now imagine having a miscarriage five times and still not having a child of your own while the clock ticks. Agonizing, right?

Well, that has been the reality of South African media personality and DJ Lerato Kganyago.

If you are a big fan of hers or just happen to be paying attention to things relating to her, then you probably already know that her Valentine’s Days are usually lavish and memorable, with her husband Thami spoiling her with lavish gifts.

So, of course, it was inevitable that fans should look forward to what gift her man would spoil her with this Valentine. But it was a cold Valentine of sorts for her – not because she wasn’t happy Valentine’s Day came.

This year’s Valentine’s Day was kinda cold and not as memorable as it should have been because, by her own account, days earlier, she was informed that she had m miscarried again – the fifth time in her life.

It was one agonizing reality that took much of the beauty of Valentine’s Day for her.

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