Lesotho Sees First Snow of the Year

Lesotho sees the first snowfall of the year.

Last week, Snow Report announced that “more than 20cm of snow could possibly fall between Saturday and Monday”. However, the snow was not expected to fall far down Sani Pass. It was predicted that the snow would be visible on Sunday morning. The predictions were accurate.

On Sunday morning, AfriSki guests and staff woke up to a light snowfall. It marked the first snowfall of the year happening in Lesotho. According to predictions, the snowfall was to happen along with wet and cold conditions over the central and southern parts of Lesotho. It would also surround the Drakensberg mountains on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Also, on Sunday, KwaZulu-Natal was issued a Yellow weather warning. Severe and disruptive rain was predicted although the snow was expected to begin clearing over the Northern Cape, and parts of the North West, Free State, and Eastern Cape.

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