Letoya Makhene Celebrates Wife Lebo Keswa In New Instagram Post, But Mzansi Is Unimpressed

Actress Letoya Makhene has just made a warm post about her partner Lebo Kesma, appreciating her for her role in her life and the beauty they share as partners. But South Africans appear unimpressed with the post. The reactions to it were lukewarm at best.

In her post, Letoya shared that Lebo Keswa was a partner that cherishes her and appreciated her uniqueness. As far as she is concerned, that is what everyone needs – a partner that complements them and brings the best out of them. You can check out the post below.

unimpressed by the post, one commenter indicated that the two are merely putting up appearances while their union is actually shaky. Of course, there were those who stood in support of Letoya Makhene and her partner amid the lukewarm reception and the criticisms.

According to one of Letoya Makhene’s supporters, people will always talk, so the actress should just ignore them and face her life and what makes her happy.

By the way, the post follows recent rumours that the couple had a nasty fight and were already in the process of getting a divorce. Well, time will tell what exactly may have happened and it Letoya is putting up a front or not.

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