Letoya Makhene Wishes Her Grandmother A Happy 101 Birthday

Mzansi actress Letoya Makhene penned a heartfelt note wishing her grandmother a happy 101 birthday.

Letoya Makhene loves her grandmother so much and she is proud of the woman she is. Her gran has lived up to a century and is still going strong. The star took to social media to wish her well with a heartfelt note.

She opened up to about what she believes contributed to her granny’s long, healthy life;

“Great genes, haha! Not being a smoker or a drinker and being fierce about protecting her peace. She’s a tough cookie and has had no reservations about speaking her mind. These are things that I think have contributed to her long life.”

She also revealed that her gran supported her through a very troubling time. She said,

“I have many fond childhood memories, but the most outstanding one was in my adulthood when I was in an abusive marriage, and I had made up my mind that I’m filing for a divorce.”

She continued, “As usual, all the family members tried to stop me, and she was the one who stood up and told all of them where to get off and told me to do it. She told me to walk away and never look back again because she was tired of seeing me so unhappy and constantly under attack.”

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