Liesl Mthombeni’s Recent Photos Spark Pregnancy Speculations

Recent photos of Liesl Mthombeni at her husband’s graduation ceremony spark pregnancy speculations amongst fans.

Musa and Liesl Mthombeni are undeniably loved all over Mzansi. The couple has made the news several times just for simply showing love to each other. They recently had fans talking about the media personality, and doctor shared photos from his graduation.

According to a report by The South African, Dr. Musa just graduated from the College of Diagnostic Radiologists of South Africa and is a specialist radiologist. In the pictures he shared to his Instagram, his wife, former Miss South Africa, Liesl Mthombeni, is seen proudly standing next to him.

She also seemed to have a bun in the oven. This led fans to speculate that she might actually be pregnant. In the past, the former pageant queen had threatened to block anyone who made comments about her trying to hide a pregnancy.

She previously reminded her followers that a woman’s body can go through changes, saying that she isn’t hiding any pregnancy. She claimed she was bloated because she was on her period.

However, one follower wrote, “I don’t know if my eyes are deceiving me… But it looks like our brother Dr Musa finally scored.” Another fan wrote, “Yeah she’s definitely pregnant.”


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