“Life Is Hard” — Mzansi Rallies Round Dineo Ranaka Amid Battle With Depression

Depression is a global problem, and sadly not everyone gets to survive it. Some people get so depressed that they turn their guns on themselves and end it all; some hand themselves, and some jump from top floors in skyscrapers — tragedies their loved ones would rather not witness.

For this reason, when people indicate they are suffering from depression, there is usually a massive rally to support them to see that they get out of it and continue life as usual again.

That is the story, right now, of Kaya FM presenter Dineo Ranaka. In a series of Instagram posts, she indicated she was seriously depressed. “Life is so fucking hard,” reads part of her post. And while she is trying her best to navigate this period, it appears her best is just not enough.

While life seems hard and the prospect of ending it all appears welcoming, the spectre of leaving her kids is another issue. How would they feel knowing their mother left them via suicide, leaving them alone when they were still very young?

Many South Africans have been praising Dineo for the courage to speak about her mental health battles and encouraging her to be strong.

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