Lifer Rosemary Ndlovu Appears in Court Again for New Cases of Attempted Murder

Convicted former South African policewoman Rosemary Ndlovu has appeared in court again for, well, plotting more murders. 

In the new case before the court, she’s accused of plotting the death of an investigating police officer, her former boss, as well as the husband of a colleague. 

With six life sentences already hanging on her head for the murder of six persons, she’s in for what analysts call another serious legal slap. 

The six previous crimes that earned her six life convictions were for killing six relatives for insurance purposes. 

In the current case, she has allegedly paid a killer to murder the investigating and her former boss, whom she blamed for her arrest and subsequent conviction. 

Also, at the time she plotted to kill the husband of one of her police officer friends, she was still in the service of the police force. 

In court today, when she heard the new charges against her, she was somehow bewildered. 

The new charges against her do not carry life sentences. Still, it will be interesting to see what the court will decide in her case.

Still, with six life sentences already under her belt, she would go down in history as one of the South Africans with the most life convictions.

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