Like Ntombi, Like Phindile? Heavy K’s Second Baby Makes Damaging Allegations Against Him

There appears to be no end in sight in the drama between Heavy K and his baby mama. His first baby mama had made some pretty serious claims about him, including being abusive and not taking care of their son who has cerebral palsy. He had denied it at the time.

But a similar accusation is popping on his head, courtesy of his second baby mama named Phindile. In a recent revelation, Phindile had claimed that the celebrated musicians accord her almost zero rights as a person – not allowing her to go out without his permission or to speak to men whether they are family or not.

She also claimed that he had barred her from making friends, generally making her life difficult. At the moment, she claimed to be so tired of her life that she wanted to end it all with pills. As a result of all he has been doing to her, she claimed her mental health is already devastated and she has been popping in and out of psychiatric hospitals.

At the time of writing, though, Heavy K had not addressed her claims. It’s unclear if he would speak about it. But if he does, we will share his side as well.

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