Lil Tay Is ‘Safe And Alive’, Says Social Media Was Hacked

Influencer and rapper Lil Tay says she is safe and and alive, and claims her social media accounts were hacked.

Two days ago, fans of social media influencer, Lil Tay were heartbroken to see a statement announcing her and her brother’s death. The statement was believed to have been shared by her family and did not reveal the cause of death.

The media reached out to her father but he neither confirmed nor denied her death. It left fans with the question of whether or not she was dead. Returning to social media after 24 hours, the young rapper revealed she was alive. She said she’d been bombarded with “endless heartbreaking and tearful” calls from loved ones who believed they had died.

She wrote, “I want to make it clear that my brother and I are safe and alive, but I’m completely heartbroken, and struggling to even find the right words to say. It’s been a very traumatizing 24 hours.”

The deleted death post
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