Lil Tay Returns From Death Hoax To Release New Music

Amidst Controversies, the Young Rapper Sets the Record Straight

In a whirlwind of events that have kept fans and followers on their toes, young rapper Lil Tay has made a grand re-entry into the limelight. The 14-year-old sensation, who had previously been declared dead in a post on her official Instagram account, has not only confirmed that she’s alive and well but has also dropped a new single titled “Sucker 4 Green.”

The music video for “Sucker 4 Green” showcases Lil Tay’s signature style, reminiscent of her viral content from 2018. The video features the young star flaunting her wealth, surrounded by luxury cars and draped in high-end fashion. This release marks her significant comeback since her sudden disappearance from the internet in 2018.

However, Lil Tay’s return isn’t just about music. In a recent Instagram live broadcast, she aimed to “set the record straight” about the various controversies that have surrounded her online persona. The young rapper, whose legal name is Tay Tian, made serious allegations against her father, Christopher Hope. She accused him of inappropriate behavior, neglect, and even claimed that he might have been behind the death hoax to “sabotage” her budding career. She further alleged that her father sought to control her finances and career, leading to years of alleged abuse through the court system.Lil Tay Returns From Death Hoax To Release New Music 2Lil Tay Returns From Death Hoax To Release New Music 3

This family drama isn’t new to those who have followed Lil Tay’s journey. Reports from 2020 highlighted a two-year custody battle between her parents. However, recent updates confirm that her mother, Angela Tian, has secured primary custody and is the sole parent authorized to sign contracts on Tay’s behalf. This legal victory also mandates that her father provide monthly child support payments, including retroactive support dating back to 2014.

Lil Tay’s management has expressed their support for the young artist, emphasizing her resilience and determination to move forward. They stated, “She has full control over her social media accounts now and is excited to share who she really is.”

As the dust settles on these controversies, fans and followers are eager to see what the future holds for Lil Tay. With her renewed energy and determination, the young rapper is poised to reclaim her place in the entertainment industry.

LIL TAY - SUCKER 4 GREEN (Official Music Video)

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