Lil Tay’s Death Leaves The Internet With Question

The internet has been flooded with questions surrounding Lil Tay’s alleged death.

On Wednesday, August 9, a shocking update popped up on Lil Tay’s Instagram page. The post announced the passing of the young social media sensation and her brother. Fans all over the world were shocked to hear this, and the cause of death is yet to be revealed.

Tay amassed a massive online following with her cool personality and has since grown her fans. The post announced that hers and her brother’s deaths were still being investigated, but recent reports state that their deaths have actually not been confirmed.

An article on Dailyo reveals that her father had given vague comments to the media, neither confirming nor denying her death. He reportedly said, “Um, no, not that I’m aware of. Sorry, I can’t really comment or give you any help,” when asked about it. Her former manager also did not confirm nor deny the news, and a rep for the Vancouver Police Department told the New York Post that they hadn’t got reports of deaths, referencing both Lil Tay and her brother. Everyone is wondering if she’s actually dead or if the news is fake.

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