Lil Wayne and Eminem Do Google Their Own Lyrics To Prevent Repeating Bars

Rap legends, Lil Wayne and Eminem, came together on the 8th of May. This happened after Eminem chatted with Lil Wayne for Lil’s ‘Young Money’ Radio podcast.

The meeting was an epic one as two rappers, who have been remarked to the GOATS in the hip hop industry, came together. The notable rappers even talked about the few artists that they enjoy their music. The list includes rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big Sean, YBN Cordea, Joyner Lucas, and Griselda.

The multi-award-winning rappers also talked about their creative processes. Eminem revealed that he has been spending the quarantine period ‘writing and recording.’

Lil Wayne talked about how he gets inspiration. He said:

I try to listen to the new music and I can get a little buzz and go [in the studio] and kill something, but I still try to go off my regular procedure, and that’s just my natural inspiration.

Eminem also said:

Same thing. When we first start out it’s a blank canvas. We paint on that sh*t until every area is full. When you’ve made so many songs about everything it gets a little tricky. You probably write all the time, and I do, too.

Lil Wayne revealed that he creates so much music that he has to often visit Google and search for his own lyrics to avoid duplicating bars that he has already written.

Eminem hilariously admitted that he also takes the same step to avoid duplicating his bars. He even admitted that he did so the previous night.

Check out their chat below:


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