Lillian Dube Jokes About Struggling Mzansi Artists

Lillian Dube makes joke about struggling Mzansi artists

Actress, Lillian Dube jokes about struggling artists in Mzansi.

The Lockdown in Mzansi has affected virtually every sector in the country. Since it began, many people in the country have lost their jobs, and various means of livelihood. Even some of our favourite celebrities have been affected by the lockdown.

In a recent interview with SABC, veteran actress, Lillian Dube spoke about how the lockdown has affected entertainers around the country. She opened up about how much artists and freelancers need all the help they can get to survive the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She also shouted out the people who have donated to the Entertainment sector stating how happy she was to see people who still do “the Lord’s work”. She also showed gratitude to Mrs and Mr Ramela who have also pitched in to help out the Entertainment sector calling artists “part-time tycoons”.

I’m so happy to see that on this earth, there are still people who do the Lord’s work,” she said. 
“I had previously heard of Mrs and Mr Ramela, who have been doing amazing charity work, including giving people blankets in winter from as far as Lesotho, as well as locally. I didn’t know that one day, he would honour us as well by helping us in my time of need. Because as you know, we artists are part-time tycoons. The one day you have work and the next dololo,”

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