Linda Mtoba On How Her Daughter Embarrassed Her Before A Stranger

Kids embarrassing their parents now and then is nothing out of the ordinary. We see this happen now and again. Well, South African actress Linda Mtoba has had her embarrassing moments as well and shared about the same.

In a post that had many of her fans splitting with laughter, Linda Mtobe recalled how her daughter told a stranger that her mother’s head is empty and her wigs go off. It was just the thing a lot of people needed to forget their troubles and laugh hard. And they did.

Some pointed out having had similar experiences with their kids, and some noted how candid kids can be, saying things as they are, whether those words are kind or not. You can check out the post below.

By the way, Linda Mtoba recently shared her postpartum body, indicating that there are usually changes to the bodies of those who give birth, and they should embrace the changes and not feel embarrassed by them. Those changes are, after all, part of life.

Well, it remains to be seen if there will be a second edition of Bean – yeah, that’s Linda Mtoba’s daughter’s name – embarrassing her mother again. Stay tuned for the next scoop.

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