Linda Mtoba Recalls Difficult Childhood With An Absent Father, Celebrates Husband

It is the wish of every kid out there to have the best father – a father who is available and lives up to his duties as a parent, showing the kids love and guiding them in the path they should go. But, of course, not everyone gets to have that experience.

South African actress Linda Mtoba is one of the not-so-lucky, as she reflected recently. Recalling her childhood days, she indicated that her father was a deadbeat and never showed up for her. It was especially painful because, during her birthday, she expected him to at least call. He didn’t, and that really hurt.

She is an adult now but the memories are still alive. Fortunately, she is in a happy space at the moment – according to another tweet she made – married to a man who treats her like a queen and is an amazing dad to their child. Now, given her past experience, she couldn’t;t have asked for a better gift.

And by being such an awesome father and son, according to her, her husband has healed much of the hurt she felt growing up. you can check out the tweet below.

Now, that is one relationship many would love to have.

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