Lindani Nkosi Talks The Greatest Thrills Of His Career On Takalani Sesame

Mzansi actor Lindani Nkosi opens up about the greatest thrills of his acting career on the hit show Takalani Sesame.

Indeed, there is so much fans do not know about the famous actor Lindani Nkosi. While he is known for his many roles, fans don’t know he’s the voice behind Moshe on Takalani Sesame.

In a conversation with TshisaLIVE, he spoke about the greatest thrills of his acting career and said,

“has been participating in the magic created at Takalani Sesame. A great deal of effort is put into ensuring that the final product is of a high quality. For instance, we develop curriculum frameworks before the launch of every season, which guide what we do for the long term. Further, when it comes to the topics that we explore on the show, we traditionally conduct rigorous research in early childhood development so that we can be as accurate as possible.”

He continued, speaking about teaching children through the show,

“Second, through Takalani Sesame, I have also been involved in an important effort that teaches kids the value of compassion towards one another — one of the most crucial life lessons. Maybe more than anything else, the show’s collaborations with individuals with special needs — both adults and children — is another element that makes me happy. To create equality among common people and experiences, it has been such an honour to assist in advancing the inclusion of all individuals through Takalani Sesame.”

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