Songs About The Coronavirus Are Trending, Listen To These 3

Coronavirus has spread to all parts of the world, with South Africa getting not only one but two cases of the virus reported, some of the local artists as it is of tradition to use music to pass message across or grief, have also used the medium to release songs about the virus.

South Africa joined the list of African country to record its first Coronavirus case on Thursday the 5th of March 2020, after the patient 0 who had traveled to Italy tested positive for the virus. People have taken to social media, either to pose humor out of the situation or share safety tips to their followers. Some artiste also took out the time to compose songs about the virus.

The first song  is coming from Zionist Christian Church

The second is from Ndlovu Youth Choir

The Third is from Kiffness, which he did as a request from Tik Tok platform

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