Listen To Elaine’s “Deja Vu” Snippet

South African singer Elaine has just teased a new song titled “Deja Vu.” To listen to the full jam, of course, fans would have to wait a bit. 

The celebrated songstress shared a teaser of the imminent song on her Instagram page, with just the song’s title and two emojis for caption. She gave no clues about when fans should expect the full song. 

That notwithstanding, fans who listened to the snippet were chuffed with it and commented on how they can’t wait to hear the whole song. 

Teasers are nothing new – not in South Africa’s music industry, not in any part of the world. Musicians drop teasers now and then to kindle the fires of anticipation in fans. And for notable voices, the strategy works almost all the time. 

Easily one of the most recognisable faces in South African music, Elaine has come a long way in the industry. She may be taken as an example of what it is like to have faith in one’s ability and dare. 

She had delved into the industry on her own terms, only gaining recognition after propping herself out there. As the cliché goes, the rest is history. 

Now, fans get to experience her déjà vu moment. 

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