Listen to Mlindo The Vocalist Preach Against Gender Based Violence In New Song

The issue of gender based violence is gaining resonance in the orbit of South African music, and many South Africans are happy to observe this.

Artistes are loudly taking up the advocacy against gender based violence, giving a voice to the voiceless. South African singer Mlindo The Vocalist is the latest addition to this advocacy.

The songster, who has always nursed the ambition of having Nigeria’s afrobeat champ and “Africa Giant” Burna boy on his album, took to Instagram 5 hours ago today to call on men to treat the women right and stop hurting them. Girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers… you should never hurt them in any way.

In his advocacy for the protection of women against violence from men, Mlindo The Vocalist joins the like of Black Coffee and Boity.

But whereas Mlindo The Vocalist has received mostly positive affirmations, Black Coffee had been denounced and accused of hypocrisy by some Twitter denizens who thought he treated his ex-wife badly.

Either way, the advocacy against gender based violence is taking root, and we hope it completely addresses the problem in hand and gives the ladies a sense of security again.

Well, what do you think? You might wish to share your thoughts in the comments.

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