Live Performance: A-Reece On His Favourite Song

One thing about musicians is that most of them have favourite songs – the numbers they are only too happy to perform during a show. South African rapper A-Reece belongs here. The songster has just revealed his favourite song to perform live.

Since he popped into the music scene, he has released several songs that he considers dope. However, one stands out for him, and he explains why recently. A-Reece picked “Meanwhile in Honeydew” as his favourite song to perform live.

He recalled an incident when he got to the stage. He didn’t remember if he knew the whole song but decided to sing it anyway. The crowd sang along word for words, making things somewhat easier for him.

That was a special moment that he continues to remember. The song itself stayed with him and has become one he delights in performing. You can check out the clip below.

A-Reece is currently one of the leading names in South African rap. he decided to cut his own path and has been following the same. He is gearing up to perform at what has been dubbed the Reece Effect concert on his birthday month in March 2024. It will be interesting to see if he would sing that honeydew banger then

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