“Liver King” Brian Johnson “Exposed” Over Alleged Steroid Use

The “Liver King,” who has built a massive following online might be on his way to losing his crown after an expose popped online that his massive muscles are the result of steroid use and not exercise.

Brian Johnson, also known as the “Liver King” for his consumption of raw animal liver, skyrocketed to fame not long ago and has impressed many with his content on Instagram, where he shows off his impressive physique in pictures and videos.

By his admission, there are 9 tenets of life and one mission. He runs a brand called the Ancestral Lifestyle, which sells supplements and other things to members of the public. He was the best poster boy for his products thanks to his impressive looks.

In a twist to his brilliant run on social media, a rival bodybuilder haad shared what he called emails to prove that the Liver King was spending thousands of dollars a month on human growth hormones.

Speculations have long been rife that Johnson might be on steroids, but he had brushed them off each time, including when podcaster Joe Rogan spoke of possible steroid use on Johnson’s part.

In a detailed video, a bloke, who would rather be identified simply as Derek had released “evidence” of Johnso’s possible steroid use. Check it out below.

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