Lizzo Excited To Play James Madison’s 200-Year-Old Crystal Flute

Singer Lizzo scored yet another career first after she was allowed to use a flute belonging to former United States president Madison during her performance tour.

The flute, which is approximately 200 years old, belonged to former United States president James Madison. It was a gift from the French flute maker Claude Laurent.

The musical instrument has been with the Library of Congress, which had carefully preserved it and only allowed the songstress to play it under close watch.

Lizzo was understandably excited to be allowed to play the instrument. She started with a tentative whistle and visibly expressed her excitement when the instrument responded. She went on to play the instrument briefly before handing it over to the Library of Congress staff who were on the ground.

She would take to social media soon after to celebrate the moment while happily describing herself as the first to play the instrument.

Lizzo has come a long way as a musician. Some people have tried to body shame her in the past. And while it hurt deeply back then, she has since developed a thick skin against her critics. She’s beautiful and talented — a personal affirmation. And that’s what counts — not what peeps say about her.

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