Lloyiso’s Cover Of Adele’s “Easy On Me” Provokes Frenzy On Social Media

Lloyiso is no stranger to covers, having dropped a couple of them previously. However, his cover of Adele’s “Easy On Me” has got peeps screaming it is way better than the original.

“Easy On Me” by the English singer was a hit. And while fans are not debating the song’s appeal, they think Lloyiso’s cover is the real thing. And because of fan interest, the song provoked a frenzy on social media.

Lloyiso is the maestro of covers, as far as we know. Before dropping a cover of Adele’s song, he had, back in January this year, released a cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License.”

Months later, in March, he had linked up with Luke Goliath for a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Peaches.” Again, months after that lyrical winner, he had signed a lucrative record label deal and led fans in”Seasons.”

With his latest cover, the songster shows that he’s still at the top of his cover game – well, according to fans.

It would be a career-boosting move if Adele should hear and actually share Lloyiso’s cover of her song. It remains to be seen whose song Lloyiso will cover next, and if the cover will have as much resonance as the one in review.

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