Lockdown And Absence Of Gigs Forces Sjava Back To His Mother’s House

It’s a hard time for artistes right now as South has locked down again – to level 3 – following the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic which is currently sweeping across the world.

One artiste who is currently suffering as a result of the lockdown and who has been open about it all is Sjava. The former Ambitiouz Entertainment artiste made it clear recently that it is a difficult time for artistes right now, and they are clueless what to do.

He said artistes are not getting paid and cannot work. His views are shared by several other musos, including the “Goliath” star Dladla Mshunqisi. The gqom artiste had admitted recently that he is owing the bank for his house and car.

By the way, Sjava confessed to be back home to his mother’s house in KwaZulu-Natal because he can no longer make money.

In spite of the depressing state of his finances, he still habours a river of optimism. He said he is from the ghetto and will surely survive. Can you beat that?

Last time the country was on lockdown for an extended period, artistes had protested on Durban highways, leading to a clash with the police. Will this repeat itself? We’re watching.

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