Lockdown’s Got Black Coffee’s Doing Some Major Soul Searching

Black Coffee is doing some major soul searching this lockdown

is doing some Major searching.

Everyone in the country including celebrities is handling the lockdown in different ways. While some are making the most of it, others are trying to figure themselves out. Mzansi DJ, is doing some Major searching with all the free time in his hands right now.

The talented disc jockey recently appeared in a Q&A with Makhathini in which he opened up about what he’s been up to since the lockdown began. He spoke about self-isolating with his son and trying to figure himself out and heal fully from his divorce (which he said he hadn’t done due to his busy schedule).

Apparently, this time of the year is a major one for him but he’s had to cancel gigs and appearances due to the Coronavirus. He revealed that he isn’t a brand at the moment and is for the people.

He also spoke about spending more time with his son, being a father to his children and also recovering well from his divorces. According to him, he’s had to do things he normally wouldn’t right now, like wash his car, which he pulled a fast one on his son to make him do.